An Exemplary Volunteer


Chicago Shares Board Chair Rich Kaczmarek (right), recently joined Kathy Haberer (center) and Co-Directors, Julie Stagliano and Michael Kraynak for Kathy’s farewell dinner.

Theatrical productions, railroad operations and magazine publishing can only be successful if they have skilled and dedicated people back stage and back office. So, too, it is for Chicago Shares. And for more than a decade, Kathy Haberer has worked tirelessly as one of these behind-the-scenes people for Chicago Shares. Now, she is moving to another city and her duties will pass to another volunteer.

Kathy has faithfully served Chicago Shares in several key capacities. Most importantly she filled orders from purchasers, either individuals or institutions, and distributed vouchers to the various selling locations. She tracked vendor’s distributions and sales through a spreadsheet system, maintaining precise numeric counts of all voucher transactions. This data, presented in easy-to-read quarterly reports, provided the treasurer and directors with the information needed to guide the funding of grant awards and ensure overall sound financial management.

In addition, Kathy helped update the Chicago Shares’ website to include an online donation function, which has helped boost voucher sales.

Finally–it will come as no surprise to those who know her–Kathy made time on many Sundays to sell vouchers at St. Clement’s, thus adding to the vitality of the Chicago Shares program.

Chicago Shares is most grateful for Kathy Haberer’s generous spirit. She has indeed advanced the mission of Chicago Shares to share compassion, share comfort and share vouchers.

Thanks, Kathy! Chicago Shares wishes you the best in your next chapter.

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