Words about the Value of Chicago Shares from a Long-time Giver

DSC_0616Comments from King Poor, a suburban resident who works downtown and is a Chicago Shares “frequent giver.”

“Chicago Shares offers an immediate way to give needy people a boost — people who may say to themselves, ‘Who cares about me?’ Beyond the importance of providing someone with a meal, giving Shares also means giving someone encouragement.”

And a story from the frontlines: “Three days before Christmas, I was giving Shares to someone who’d been a regular recipient over the past year. He thanked me and then said that he wanted to show me something. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a handful of the Shares that I’d given him. He said that he’d been saving them so he could buy something special for the holidays.

It was a reminder that we never know how small acts of encouragement may help lift someone up.”

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