About Us

Chicago Shares is a not-for-profit corporation that seeks to provide a way for the community to collaborate in order to help Chicagoans in need. Our solution: a voucher program.

Inspired by a similar voucher program in Berkeley, California, Chicago Shares was launched in January of 1993 at Holy Name Cathedral. Chicago Shares has always been a volunteer program, which means there is no paid staff. Our volunteers have been the key to the success and growth of this program. Additionally, the Chicago Shares program simply would not function without the participation of the vendors who accept our vouchers.

Every year Chicagoans show great generosity and care for their hungry neighbors. In 2014, $40,160 in vouchers was redeemed from our participating vendors. We take pride in contributing to the well-being of others by providing the Chicago community with a safe and easy alternative to help feed the needy.

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