Frequently Asked Questions

How does the voucher system work?

People buy our vouchers online or from one of our partners. Each voucher is worth $1. They give the vouchers to someone in need. The person in need redeems the voucher from a participating location for food or personal care item. Vouchers are not valid for alcohol or tobacco items. We reimburse the participating location $1 for each voucher that is redeemed at their location. Not all vouchers given to those in need are redeemed, so the funds from those go toward giving annual grants to other Chicago organizations that feed the hungry.

Where can I buy vouchers to give the hungry?

There are three ways you can buy vouchers:

  1. Buy them online.
  2. Mail in an order form with a check.
  3. Purchase vouchers from one of our partners. Note: each location sells our vouchers at different times. Contact them directly if you’d like to purchase vouchers from them.

How do I sign up to sell or redeem vouchers?

Contact us and a Chicago Shares representative will get in contact with you.

I want to volunteer for Chicago Shares. How can I help?

We’re glad you asked! One of our biggest needs is enlisting local merchants across the city to accept Chicago Shares vouchers. We may have other volunteer opportunities available, so please contact us if you’re interested and a Chicago Shares volunteer will get in touch with you.

What can people purchase with the vouchers?

Vouchers can be redeemed for food and personal care items. Alcohol and tobacco products cannot be purchased using Chicago Shares vouchers.