Review the information below to find out where to buy vouchers and where vouchers can be redeemed.

Vendors Selling Vouchers

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DSC_0752Merchants Accepting Vouchers

Near North

  • Jewel Food Store
    • 1210 N. Clark St.
    • 550 N. State St.

Lincoln Park

  • Best Food Mart – 2451 N. Lincoln Ave.
  • Café Luigi – 2548 N. Clark St.
  • House of Wings – 2447 N. Clark St.
  • Jewel Food Store – 2940 N. Ashland Ave.
  • Lincoln C-Mart – 2256 N. Lincoln Ave.
  • Subway
    • 2421 N. Clark St.
    • 2008 N. Halsted St.

South of the Loop

  • Jewel Food Store
    • 1224 S. Wabash Ave.
    • 1340 S. Canal St.
  • Mac Kelly’s – 1347 S. Michigan Ave.


  • Mac Kelly’s – 123 W. Madison St.
  • Max’s Takeout – 20 E. Adams St.


  • Jewel Food Store –  5343 N. Broadway

Click to view map of locations where Chicago Share vouchers can be redeemed.

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