Words about the Value of Chicago Shares from a Long-time Giver

DSC_0616Comments from King Poor, a suburban resident who works downtown and is a Chicago Shares “frequent giver.”

“Chicago Shares offers an immediate way to give needy people a boost — people who may say to themselves, ‘Who cares about me?’ Beyond the importance of providing someone with a meal, giving Shares also means giving someone encouragement.”

And a story from the frontlines: “Three days before Christmas, I was giving Shares to someone who’d been a regular recipient over the past year. He thanked me and then said that he wanted to show me something. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a handful of the Shares that I’d given him. He said that he’d been saving them so he could buy something special for the holidays.

It was a reminder that we never know how small acts of encouragement may help lift someone up.”

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Mac Kelly’s

We have participated in the shares for food program for over 5 years. We have found it an excellent way to help hungry people get something to eat. We are proud to offer needy people our quality products, in a convenient, clean environment. Thus far, there have been no problems with our patrons. We appreciate the simple and very reliable process of redeeming our vouchers for a reimbursement check. The system works very well.

We recommend the Chicago Shares program to other convenience outlets, and vendors. It is very easy to participate.

It makes good sense to accept Chicago Shares.

Bryan McNamara
General Manager
Mac Kelly’s
123 West Madison
Chicago,IL 60601